Newsletter #5 – December 2020

Sam and Eva Kitalya together with the Bushfire Community send Christmas greetings to all their friends and extend gratitude for the prayer, encouragement and financial support throughout a challenging year. The School was closed for much of the year and only now re-opening. Hence many children missed out on the education and care provided at Bushfire. Sadly the South Sudanese students had to return home, though Bushfire and others continue to support them. The plentiful harvest has been a real blessing. A major improvement has been the construction of a new Medical Centre due to a generous financial gift from Australia. Three phase power from the grid was provided to supplement the solar power and reduce running of the large diesel generator. The following photos indicate various aspects of life for the Bushfire Community, including the children currently back in South Sudan.

“Thank you for standing with us in all seasons. Our thoughts will be be with you through the season celebrating our Lord’s birth and redemption of man”. Sam & Eva.

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