Newsletter #6 – June 2021

I do hope and pray this finds you well given the difficult circumstances around the globe. We are facing a major crisis in Uganda right nowand would appreciate your prayers. More people are dying in numbers like never before. Hundreds are testing positive for COVID 19 on a daily basis. Hospitals are packed with such cases and we are in a situation where oxygen is like gold here. Not everybody will have access, let alone the limited quantity. The only equipped Hospital is in Kampala where the crisis is at peak. The only remedy at this stage is is for up-country regions like us is to staty home because the chances of of reaching Kampala for any possible treatment is a dream. For the first time since the outbreak last year, we’ve had deaths registered in our village and this is a big concern. We would appreciate your prayers due to the large number we are taking care of at Bushfire. Childrens Home.

It’s our desire to equip the Bushfire Clinic with enough antibiotics, vitamin C and other medication to avoid any symptoms developing further than we can handle. Many people are scared of going to hospital in case of being neglected and dying. Hence people opt for preventative measures rather than entering Hospital.

Prayer is a great weapon in such desperatate situations and we would certainly appreciate it.

We have a South Sudanese girl, Lucy, with us who was shot several years ago and now has a serious infection in her knee. where she was injured. Lucy is on medication at our house and will be going to Mbale for surgery. She has improved with medication and now able to move, helped by critches we found for her.

Lucy from South Sudan who needs major surgery on her knee

Please pray for our gardens to yield well as food prices have risen due to the lockdown. The prices for medicines has also gone up as the demand has increased and supply limited. We are not allowed to travel into the next District.

Although we have goats on a property in another District, we are not allowed to collect them. Cyrus was blocked by the Police and barred from collecting them. A young boy has been without supervision for two months caring for our goats. We plan to bring the goats back to Bushfire for better supervision and to engage our children in the project.

Bushfire goats

Will you please also pray for Speke and Sarah, a new couple at Bushfire who will help in the Childrens Home and running the School. I am hoping they will be a blessing by decreasing the workload. They will join Sylvia Kalenda (new staff member) who is doing a great job in my office.

Ouf family is doing well generally while Eva and I had a COVID test after her return from Kenya. in March this year. I have not been well but glad the Lord has pulled us through.

On a lighter note, many of our older children have found jobs to keep busy. Some are investing in goats and poultry while others have found work in Kampala and other parts of Uganda. We often get reports how their bosses appreciate their conduct and we thank God for that.

We are a million times grateful for your continued support. It has made what we are and what we do for HIs Glory. No doubt we share the blessings thereof.

Love from Sam& Eva with the Bushfire Family.

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