How to Contribute

Below you will find sponsorship information for those wishing to contribute from Australia. If you are from the UK, NZ or America please visit these respective sites:



and ensure to add J965N – Bushfire Childrens Futures, Uganda for NZ Tax Deductible donation


Sponsorship Programmes

Based on 1 AUD = 2600UGX in 2017, you or your organisation can:

1) Sponsor an orphan or at risk child at Primary School who is boarding for meals, clothing, education and medical care for AU$30/month.

2) Sponsor an orphan or child at risk at Secondary School who is boarding for meals, clothing, education and medical care for AU$60/month.

3) Sponsor an orphan or child at risk at Vocational School who is boarding for AU$60/month.

4) Sponsor a graduate from Bushfire for fees, accommodation and living expenses undertaking Tertiary studies for;

  • Technical College in Jinja for AU$1000/6 month semester
  • University in Kampala for AU$1250/6 month semester

5) Sponsor a local  Teacher at Bushfire Primary School for AU$360/3month term

6) Sponsor a Teacher at Secondary or Vocational School for AU$500/3 month term

7) Contribution to the operating expenses of Bushfire such as ;

  • Regular monthly contribution towards expenses.
  • Gift for purchase of food eg Rice at AU$130/100kg bag or Corn Flour at AU$100/100kg bag. A bag of flour can feed the Bushfire Community of 500 people for one day and a bag of rice for two meals.

8) Contribution to a specific Programme such as;

  • Health
  • Education
  • Water
  • Agriculture
  • Security
  • Welfare
  • Transport/vehicle
  • Business

We are setting up a business to be run by staff and older students to help boost our local funding base. We want to encourage less dependence on donations so our young generation learn to work. Our aim is to invest AU$40,000 in cultivating, buying and milling produce to meet our own needs and for sale to the wider community for profit. This will be invested in schools and children at risk for a chance to have education, medication and shelter.


Great news:  Donations to Project J965N Bushfire  Childrens Future from 7 September 2017 are now eligible as Tax Deductions in Australia.  Also recently recognised by the NZ Government as eligible  Tax Deductions in New Zealand. This requires Bushfire to have strict financial controls to ensure funds are spent on the intended purposes and that Child Protection processes are in-place.  Global Development Group ( administer, transfer funds, audit, provide receipts and reports for a fee of 7.5%. Global Development is recognised by both the the Australian and New Zealand Governments as an authorised provider of such services and act for many Charities & NFP organisations in many countries. Since donations for personal or evangelistic purposes are not considered Tax Deductible, in which case contact  directly.  Activities indicated above such as sponsorship or programmes are included. You may contribute to the success of Bushfire by financially contributing as indicated below.  If you have particular requirements or wish to send a message with your gift, you may contact  who will convey your request to Bushfire.



Australia Details for tax deductible donations Instructions
Credit Card Login or create an account
PayPal Complete details
Direct Deposit BSB: 064 118

Account No. 10200094

Deposit Reference: Your name & J965N

Email your donation details* to

Cheque Payable to:

Global Development Group

Include a note with the donation details* and Post to:
PO Box 651, Rochedale South QLD 4123
*Donation Details: date, amount, project number (J965N), your name & email/ address


Individual people and teams are invited to visit and contribute whatever skills and abilities you may have. You will benefit just as the children will. Contact Sam Kitalya on the Contact page if interested in more detail.

Prayer partnership

You can find out from the Bushfire Blog from this website what is happening to help you pray from the children and staff as well as the needs within Bushfire.