Dear Friends,


We are praying and Trusting the Lord to protect and keep you from the pestilence. He has kept us well but with extended restrictions, especially public transport, learning institutions, churches and other large gatherings.

This affects us too, and being in a rural area it is challenging for students to easily access learning materials during lockdown. It means Teachers will not be accessible to their students on-line if there was a chance to do so. The Government will send the materials but not all the parents know how to help their children with homework.Most Parents have not had the level of education to guide their children.

In the midst of all this, food prices have hiked and could pose a big problem to thousands of families out here.

While on the verge of losing some funding from other potential sources in this season, we would like to ask for prayerfor wisdom to navigate round the setback.

There are uncertainties  of whether we shall have all students back if some parents have been unable to work for nearly 3 months. We need the Lord’s intervention.

The family is busy planting food and vegetables at the Base and around our House. I believe it is a wise thing to do at this stage. A learning experience for the children as well. They’re  all involved in laying seedbeds and transplanting when ready. We have at least 5 acres of maize doing well and now planting nearly 4 acres of rice.  Also growing portions of cassava, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, ginger etc.

All the challenges keep us busy at the Bushfire Base, the Gardens/Farm and at the House.

Thank you for the many who have reached out to usduring this pandemic and for your financial, emotional and spititual support. We appreciate you walking with us through all this.

God bless

Sam & Eva Kitalya  Continue reading “NEWSLETTER #4”